Armored Vehicles for Your Security

Quality and Innovative Solutions for Your Security


The company CeKo has years of experience in armored vehicles for civilian purposes (protection class VR3 – VR7).


We are always looking for the best solution for our clients, no matter whether it concerns

➡ armored cash-in-transit vehicles, ranging from small, agile vehicles like the Volkswagen Caddy to the Volkswagen T6, Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter to heavy trucks or;

➡ armored vehicles for crisis or conflict zones based on, for example, Toyota Landcruiser, Hilux or as van based on Volkswagen T6, Volkswagen Crafter 50 or Mercedes Sprinter.

We are also pleased to deliver you armored vehicles for VIP service:

➡ armored limousines based on, for example, Mercedes S-Class;

➡ armored all-wheel drive vehicles for every special demand based on Toyota Landcruiser, Mercedes G-Class or in accordance with your wishes;

➡ armored VIP minibuses based on Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter 50.

We are your competent partner for both fleet business in armored vehicles and individual armored vehicles for every special demand in accordance with your security requirements and wishes.


  • Ford_Truck_01
  • Ford_Truck_02
  • Lexus_LX570
  • VW_Crafter_01
  • VW_Crafter_02
  • VW_Crafter_03_Rueckseite
  • VW_T5_01
  • VW_T5_02
  • VW_T5_03
  • VW_T5_04
  • VW_T5_05
  • VW_T5_06_innen
  • VW_T5_06a_innen
  • VW_T5_07_innen
  • VW_T5_08_Steuerteil