Business in Russia

Whoever wants to operate successfully in Russia must be courageous and take a long-term view.


Products and services from Germany enjoy in Russia an excellent reputation.

We offer small and medium-sized enterprises manifold support services to search for new solutions and to find additional potential markets in Russia.

Our extensive range of services comprises:

  • business establishment and expanding, which includes filing and registration with all registration authorities, official work permit, visa-related questions, state registration of the rights to real estate;
  • Accounting and Reporting, IFRS;
  • Consulting in work and corporate culture of Russia;
  • Coaching.

We help to achieve personal and professional objectives of each person connected with the enterprise or business establishment with reference to special needs and with focus on the achievement of long-term objectives. Our profound market knowledge and versatile contacts make us an ideal partner for novices in the Russian market, who wish to maintain close personal relationships.

You benefit from twenty years’ experience, reliability and absolute confidential treatment of a German-Russian team of dedicated professionals that is optimally set up.


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